And I'm down, down but defiantly not out!

I would like to go toe to toe with a bear that does not have claws or teeth. This is showing I am way too tired.

It’s not the wars that will kill us, it’s the impulse of man that will.

I would love to be there!

I would love to be there!

Kids that wear college sweatshirts that really don’t have any interest in that college, stop it.

Somebody on Fox News said it’s completely ridiculous that Obama Called the Eagles owner thanking him for giving Michale Vick another chance. Then he went further on his moronic piece and said Vick deserves the death penalty… If there was even a little thought about this Dana White better watch out too!

Chick today totally tried confessing to people on face book that her boyfriend committed suicide on the phone while she was talking to him, You’ve got to be kidding me!? poor little puppies look for attention more and more these days. SMFH.

I totally didn’t know people still thought it was cool to worship “satan” still. I swear to god if one of these kids actually tried to do so, they would shit their selves. Hipsters at their finest.

I mean really who even believes in those stupid ass horoscopes!? You gotta be kidding me. SMFH.

For the people who are ‘followers’


if you’re ‘edge’ or ‘not edge’ because its the ‘cool’ thing to do. FUCK YOU! be yourself faggots.

So stoked!

Tomorrow I start POWER90X, I will be taking before pictures tonight and then pictures at the end of each phase. I hope to mostly shed fat but it would be nice to get somewhat more of a muscle build up too.